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   Work in Progress Reports site was developed specifically for Kandia Haynesworth Designs clients.  Accessing your private report, will allow you to obtain updates regarding the progress of your order from start to finish.  This will save you time calling to inquire about your order as well as provide you the opportunity to see your order(s) coming along as your due dates approaches. 

         If you are a business owner with a Private Label Account with our company, this will be extremely helpful to you!  Accessing your work in progress reports enables you to give your customer updates on their order on the spot.  You can also request to have your orders separated report by report.  This means your private area will not have compiled reports. This feature will save you time in searching through a stack of reports and allow you to go directly to the area you need to access.  However, this feature is not limited to business owners.  All clients can request this feature to be added to their account unless you do not mind compiling work in progress reports altogether. 

        Below are login instructions. However, if you have any questions or would like assistance, please do not hesitate to call customer support toll free, 1.877.553.5400. 

        As of February 6, 2013 all orders will be 
 labeled by the project title. You'll be able to identify your order   quicker.  After you recognize your order's title, click on it then re-enter it in the Username and enter your telephone number as the Password. 
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If you are unable to call us or perhaps our lines are occupied and you were unsuccessful connecting to customer support - here is another option for obtaining help! Enter your information below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you, for being patient!

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UPDATE: AS OF 3/26/2013
Hello, everyone!
New Changes are in effect!  Please download the New Changes Letter and review.  This does not affect you if you do not have a private label account with our Kandia Haynesworth Designs.
All work in progress reports are current.
 Please check your report periodically for updates on your order.              Thanks!
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New look in place. 
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 Who's Who?
Kandia Haynesworth, Designer
takes care of drawing, working closely with graphic artist team and development of your order.
Kandia can handle all areas of the company regarding billing, processing, shipping, reports and provide assistance on company website.  Speak to her directly to discuss your ideas, set-up private label accounts, create a website for your company and document management by calling our customer support line toll free: 1.877.553.5400 or send an email to:

Mike C., Billing & Shipping Manager
takes cares of inspections/approvals, billing, invoices, itemizations, estimates and arranging order shipments. To contact Mike, send an email to:

Kurtis H., Customer Support
takes care of small issues regarding, change requests, updates made to work in progress reports, assist in shipping orders and editing youtube videos. To contact Kurtis send an email to:

Kianna T., Upper Level Support Manager takes care of setting up and updating Work In Progress Reports, processing complaints, cancellations and Private Label Accounts. She monitors the status of all orders and in communicating with team of graphic artists and ensuring development of your order is attended to and processed accordingly. To contact Kianna, send email to:

Graphic Artist Team
Our team of talented graphic artist are among the best in the field!  We identify them to you through ID CODES that help us keep their identities anonymous and protected.

Cartoon Characters:
SMUP1 - Currently on Maternity Leave

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